Wedding Party

The greatest marriages are built on team works and endless love and grace. Planning your wedding on yachts at Dubai will add more memories on your dream day, also tie the pleasant bond with the hosts and guest. We make the perfect platform for it. BlueSquareYacht Yachts team assure you all with professional and yet homely luxurious facilities available on board with specially designed and unique decorations on your wedding. BlueSquareYacht Yachts team up to make your day.

Perfect wedding decorations
Wedding settings
Lavish foods
Customised arranged
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Corporate Events

Wonderful achievements are only through team work and collaboration. Moments are remembered than days. Make the best plan with your team under a peaceful surrounding like the warm sea. Great you had a good decision, Yachting at Dubai will be the best option. BlueSquareYacht Yachts provides you the perfect zone for your events in Dubai. Upgrade your team to more successive, we helps to find the best Yacht in Dubai. Make the best arrangements on your needs.

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Water Sports

Adventure is waiting for you!! Ready to make waves? Dubai is the best option for water thrills. Take the wild water based experiments at Dubai, we have the best choices ever. Add some water rides on board to bright up your entertainment. BlueSquareYacht Yachts Offers the various parts of water activities. Just Yacht with some more styles and make you adventurous and younger always. Enjoy the thrilling experience with BlueSquareYacht Yachts.

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Sun set cruise

Sometimes endings are also beautiful as sunsets. BlueSquareYacht Yachts helps you to explore the beauty of Dubai Sea on sunsets. Make your evening with colourful on board. We have the best sports to open the music of night. So go with BlueSquareYacht Yachts team to drop the curtain of a great day of yours.

Drinks and Food
And more
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Get Together

To get together and have a laugh especially at the lap of Dubai sea!! Enjoy the moments with good people at Dubai with BlueSquareYacht Yachts. We offer the best choices to create the memories last for ever. Sure that you will touch with our services because we are well experienced with managing the best atmosphere.

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